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About Us

Home Direct is on a mission to cut the clutter and bring consumers and producers closer. Home Direct brings a social platform that you can access on any device, place orders, and enjoy the services directly to your home. We are working towards covering the entire cooking needs of your kitchen. By directly working with farmers/producers, we bring products to your door that are of high quality, handpicked, and fairly priced. We partner with micro-enterprises to help them bring their high-quality products to your consumption.

Pillars of Value

Our passion makes us believe that we can cut the clutter between our farmers/producers and consumers thereby enhance the entire value chain


Directly sourced from the origin. Stringent screening before onboarding a supplier


Live update of stock availability and inventory directly controlled by the supplier


Our customer service is team is always on your reach through all desired channels – you can chat, call, messaging


By directly connecting the producer / manufacturer, we are minimizing the cost of supply chain there by helping customers get the best price possible

Team of enthusiasts with significant experience and drive

Management board: Our management board consists of 4 directors with combined experience of more than 100 years in the field of Retail, Technology, Management, Consumer Goods, Finance.

Advisory board: We have an active advisory board consisting of 4 members who regularly review and mentor with their experience in agriculture field, finance and strategy, food industry, supply chain

We serve you with a difference

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